Get to Know Donna Frazier, FNP-C

We are excited to introduce Donna Frazier, FNP-C, the newest nurse practitioner at Urology Associates. Originally from the quaint town of Halls, Tennessee, located about 70 miles north of Memphis, Donna brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to our team.

Get to Know Donna Fraizer, FNP-C | Urology Associates of Central Missouri

Donna and her husband, Thomas, at a sunflower festival in Virginia.

After spending six years in Virginia, Donna and her husband recently relocated to Rocheport, Missouri, to be closer to their family, including their eldest son. With 23 years of experience in the medical field, Donna’s journey has taken her through various healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics and even as a travel nurse, which brought her back to Columbia on multiple assignments.

Get to Know Donna Fraizer, FNP-C | Urology Associates of Central Missouri

Donna with a fish she caught at her friend’s private pond in Virginia.

Now, as a seasoned nurse practitioner, she is eager to bring her diverse experiences and compassionate care to our patients. Donna’s vibrant family life, love for fishing and outdoor activities and passion for patient education make her a wonderful addition to Urology Associates.

Q: What is the one problem you are best at solving for your patients?

A: Education. I want my patients to have the information they need to be active participants in their healthcare plan. I strive to give them the knowledge they need to make informed decisions to guide their plan of care.

Q:What can patients expect when they have a consultation/appointment with you?

A: Patients can expect a thorough discussion of their symptoms, disease processes and potential treatments. Each patient is unique. I work with the patient to devise a plan of care that is beneficial and appropriate to their needs and tailored specifically to them. I foster open communication and want my patients to know I will treat them with the utmost care and concern.

Q: What was your first car?

A: My first car was a ’69 Nova. My goal is to find one and restore it.

Q: What are three words you’d use to describe yourself?

A: Outgoing, adventurous, dependable.

Q: Favorite holiday and why?

A: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We cook everyone’s favorite foods; the guys are watching football, and the girls are getting ready for Black Friday shopping!

Q: Bucket list item or the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

A: Skydiving is on my bucket list for sure. I have snowboarded in Alaska and parasailed in Virginia.

Q: What is something that you are certain you will never do?

A: Bungee jump!

Q: Best thing you like about living in Columbia?

A: Being closer to my sons.

Get to Know Donna Fraizer, FNP-C | Urology Associates of Central Missouri

Donna and her tomato plants.

Donna’s commitment to patient education and her passion for providing individualized care make her an exceptional addition to our team. We are confident that her diverse experiences and compassionate approach will benefit our patients greatly. To schedule an appointment with Donna Frazier, FNP-C, click here.

Get to Know Donna Frazier, FNP-C | Urology Associates of Central Missouri

Donna and Thomas celebrating their 20th anniversary last November.