Neurogenic Bladder


When conditions or abnormalities of the nervous system affect the bladder, it is called neurogenic bladder. It is a complex bladder disorder. Patients who are affected by this condition benefit most by seeing a physician with experience in neuro-urology and such complex cases.

Neurogenic bladder is when a problem in your brain, spinal cord or central nervous system makes you lose control of your bladder. Symptoms may be similar to both overactive bladder (OAB) and underactive bladder (UAB) depending on what’s causing the condition. Treatment will depend on what’s causing your symptoms and how serious they are. There’s no cure for neurogenic bladder, but symptoms can be managed.

Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of neurogenic bladder differ from person to person. They also depend on the type of nerve damage the person has. Symptoms may include: Urinary tract infections, Frequent urination and urine leakage, Urinary Urgency, Weak Urine Stream, Difficulty or straining to urinate.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Neurogenic bladder is a serious condition, but when it is watched closely and treated the best way, patients can see large improvements in their quality of life. Specific treatment for neurogenic bladder will be decided by your health care provider based on: age, overall health and medical history, the cause of the nerve damage, and the type and severity of the symptoms.