Pylarify Pet Scan


Based on the initial diagnosis assessment or if the prostate cancer has come back (also known as a recurrence), it’s important to know if and where the prostate cancer has spread—or metastasized. That’s where imaging comes in. It can play a vital role in helping to detect and monitor prostate cancer progression. However, not all imaging scans are the same. While many of the current options—such as bone, CT, and MRI scans—provide some important information, they also have limitations.

What is Pylarify? 

PYLARIFY® is an advanced diagnostic imaging agent used with PET/CT scans to find tumors in the prostate, lymph nodes, bones, and other organs, typically better than other types of imaging scans. In May 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of PyL (PYLARIFY®) PET/CT with PyL greatly enhances the specificity and resolution of prostate cancer imaging to a degree that was unimagined just a short time ago. 

A PET scan is often combined with a CT scan for better diagnostic accuracy. Compared to conventional imaging, a PET/CT scan with PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F 18) injection provides you and your doctor with a clearer image of where the prostate cancer is and helps your doctor make more informed treatment choices.

Is Pylarify right for me?

Pylarify is indicated for men with prostate cancer that have moved to another part of the body (metastasis) who are candidates for initial definitive therapy and also for Men with suspected recurrence of prostate cancer based on elevated serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels.

How does Pylarify work?

PYLARIFY® attaches to prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a protein found on the surface of most—approximately 95%—prostate cancer cells. By targeting PSMA, PYLARIFY® can give your doctor a clear image and additional information on the location and extent of cancer.cells. By targeting PSMA, PYLARIFY® can give your doctor a clear image and additional information on the location and the extent of the cancer.

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Patient Preparation 

There is no preparation for this exam.  You may eat and drink whatever you would like and may take your medications as prescribed by your physician. 

Hydration is recommended but not necessary.  A couple of extra glasses of fluid would be sufficient.

The exam takes a total of 2 hours.  One hour is in the prep room after injection and the scan takes approximately 30 minutes. 

If you are claustrophobic please tell your physician or nurse when you are scheduled so they can make accommodations for your claustrophobia.


What Side Effects do I need to consider?