Open Radical Nephrectomy


Radical’ nephrectomy is the remove the whole of your kidney, including the surrounding fatty tissue, lymph nodes, adrenal gland and upper end of your ureter (tube carrying urine from the kidney to the bladder).. ‘Open’ refers that the kidney is usually removed via an incision (cut) which is made on either the front or the side of your abdomen. The type of cut made will depend on the nature of your tumor. The operation is performed under a general anesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live with just one kidney?

Yes. Your remaining kidney will take over the function of your removed kidney to filter your blood and to produce urine.

Why should I have a radical open nephrectomy?

Open nephrectomy is used when keyhole surgery is not felt to be appropriate, feasible or safe. Open surgery is often used for more complex tumors. Radical nephrectomy is the most common type of surgery for the treatment of kidney cancer that has not spread beyond the kidney. However, it is also sometimes carried out even if the cancer has spread to other organs. In this situation the operation is called a cytoreductive radical nephrectomy.