Laser Vaporization of the Prostate


New laser treatment combines the effectiveness of an invasive surgical procedure with the safety and ease of a minimally invasive treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Unlike traditional prostate surgery, laser surgery avoids cutting or scraping tissue. As a result there’s generally less blood loss — which can make laser surgery a good option for men who have blood-clotting conditions or who take blood thinners.

Laser vaporization of the prostate is one of several minimally invasive treatment options for an enlarged prostate, a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Like other minimally invasive treatments, This can offer faster recovery and symptom relief compared with traditional prostate surgery.

The Procedure

Laser photo vaporization of the prostate removes excess prostate tissue using patented high-power diode lasers. The laser energy quickly vaporizes and precisely removes the enlarged prostate tissue in a virtually bloodless procedure. This allows even patients on blood thinner therapy, such as aspirin or warfarin, to be treated. Furthermore, we are able to treat very large prostate glands that are not amenable to other current procedures and usually require an open surgical approach.

PVP removes excess tissue so urinary symptoms are rapidly relieved, accompanied by a dramatic improvement in natural urine flow. Most patients are released in less than 24 hours.   Recovery time is short and comfortable, side effects are minimal.

What are the benefits of laser surgery?

  • Immediate symptom relief.
  • Urine flow improves dramatically after virtually bloodless procedure.
  • Outpatient or “same day” surgery
  • Patients are able to return to their ordinary daily activities in 2-3 days.