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Knowing Your Score Can Help You Get Back into the Game!" alt="Knowing Your Score Can Help You Get Back into the Game!"/>

Knowing Your Score Can Help You Get Back into the Game!

Take the online assessment and stay in the game. There was a time when men didn’t speak about the problems they experienced in the bedroom. That’s changing today, as more…

" alt="Running and Road Trips"/>

Running and Road Trips

Joe has always been active, but when his prostate became enlarged, it triggered a series of bladder problems that made it difficult to do daily activities. Doctors removed a portion of his prostate that was blocking his urine flow, but he then began experiencing episodes where he couldn’t empty his bladder completely.

" alt="Newfound Freedom"/>

Newfound Freedom

For her entire life, Susan has had problems with leaking and difficulty realizing when her bladder was full. She eventually talked to a specialist, who helped her find a way to manage her bladder issues. Now, she’s receiving Medtronic bladder control therapy (sacral neuromodulation) delivered by the InterStimTM system and doesn’t have to waste time searching for restrooms and covering up accidents.

Meyer Crew" alt="Adding Crews to the Crew! "/>

Adding Crews to the Crew! 

Adding Crews to the Crew! There is always something fun going on at the Meyer household. With 5 boys, that’s to be expected right? Before Matt Meyer met his wife…

" alt="Every Day is a Gift"/>

Every Day is a Gift

Local insurance agent, Troy Lowery, decided to include PSA (prostate-specific antigen) screening in his yearly physical. His results warranted a referral to Urology Associates of Central Missouri for prostate cancer…

" alt="Finding A Solution"/>

Finding A Solution

Prostate cancer survivor, James West’s urinary incontinence was greatly affecting his quality of life. At 82 years old, James thought he was too old to seek any sort of treatment….

" alt="New Beginnings"/>

New Beginnings

With married life just beginning, Matt and Dee Meyer looked to Dr. Clay Mechlin for help to grow their family.   When Matt Meyer first met his wife, Dee, back in January…

" alt="Life Saving Testing"/>

Life Saving Testing

Early PSA testing allowed Bob Roper to live his retirement to the fullest. By Madison Loethen 77-year-old Bob Roper is living his retirement to the fullest. He is a retired…