Adding Crews to the Crew! 

December 04, 2020

Adding Crews to the Crew! 

Adding Crews to the Crew!

There is always something fun going on at the Meyer household. With 5 boys, that’s to be expected right?

Before Matt Meyer met his wife Dee, he was already a father to three boys and thought he was done having children. However, when he and Dee started dating, everything changed. They knew they wanted children together and looked to Dr. Mechlin of Urology Associates of Central Missouri to get a vasectomy reversal done.

“I know going into that initial conversation with Dr. Mechlin, I was very nervous and scared of what might be said. Not to mention I was apprehensive about the surgery itself and the recovery. However, I do better when someone levels with me and gives me useful information.  Dr. Mechlin did just that. The surgery & recovery in my opinion was very easy as long as you followed the prescribed instructions. Dr. Mechlin was thorough with not only the percentages of success, but he gave additional options if things didn’t work as planned. My advice would be if having a family is a priority, you are in no better hands than Dr. Mechlin,” says Matt. 

Matt underwent his outpatient vasectomy reversal in 2015 and the procedure and recovery went smoothly. Matt and Dee married just months later and just like that, their son Grayson was born in 2017, followed by their son Crews in 2020.


“Patients who most benefit from a vasectomy reversal or those whose partners do not have advanced maternal age or known female fertility concerns. It is extremely rewarding to see couples like Matt and Dee who are able to conceive naturally after successful vasectomy reversal,” says Dr. Mechlin.

Dee says motherhood has always been a dream of hers, and she is so happy her dream has come true. 

“Having children is something I spoke honestly about with Matt from the day we met. We knew we had some challenges ahead, and we actually thought it would be tougher to get pregnant, but we have been very blessed that things worked out as well as they have. I can’t imagine life without Grayson & Crews so it has been wonderful to experience family life and having that opportunity,” says Dee

The Meyer family is still adjusting to being a family of 7, but they say they have learned to love the chaos. 

“Family life is pretty hectic. Juggling nap times, early bedtimes & then having Colten my 16-year-old in the house brings an extra flare. Compound that with COVID and having fewer options for family time outside the house, it does translate into more time hunkered in the house & playing in the front yard. Dee has done an amazing job with not only both little boys but being a great step-mom to the older boys,” says Matt. 

The older boys all adore their younger brothers and Grayson refers to little Crews as “his baby.” Matt and Dee say they will always be grateful to Dr. Mechlin for helping them add their two newest members to their crew.

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